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I am a Canadian drummer living in Toronto, Ontario. I've played professionally across the States and Canada and in the past 3 years, opened up a home studio to record with new artists at a more affordable rate. 


​​​​​​​​​I want to provide you with the sound you hear in your head. Nailing the tones and parts that will make your song come to life is my main goal, whether it's live drums, percussion, or programmed drums. 


I've played on numerous recordings, and the greatest thrill is getting an email back from the artist saying "This is exactly what I was hearing!" 
I have no desire to play flashy or loud if the song doesn't call for it, I want to serve the song first and foremost. 
I specialize in Rock, Pop and R+B, though I'm comfortable in almost any situation and I'll work with your budget - Lets make some music!

Sounds and Styles

A small sampling of the different styles and sounds I can get at my studio. I'm flexible to your project and want to find the perfect drum parts and sounds for your project.

Full song clips can be found on youtube 

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